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Our Purpose

Our Story

Motivated To Make A Difference

We like to call ourselves a "motivated clothing company." What does that mean exactly? Well, as veterans of the apparel industry, we've witnessed its needless waste and negative environmental impact for far too long.

What Motivates Us


of All Human-Caused Greenhouse Gasses are from The Apparel Industry


of Clothing Per Person is Thrown Away in The U.S. Each Year


of Clothing Waste Worldwide Collected for Re-Use and Recycling

< 1%

of Discarded Clothing Material is Recycled Back into New Clothing

Blue & Yellow came together to set a more sustainable example. Through honesty, transparency, and old-fashioned resourcefulness, we've created a whole new kind of clothing company. One that connects your values with thoughtfully crafted high quality basics. A fashion icon for the conscious citizen.

In fact, as a certified member of 1% For The Planet, we even donate 1% of our sales directly to support non-profits dedicated to reducing textile waste and combating climate change. We're here to prove that Blue & Yellow Make Green.

Change Starts From Within

Our journey toward sustainability starts with a holistic approach to how we craft every piece of clothing. We focus on classic wardrobe staples designed with a modern silhouette. We choose to use yarns spun from recycled textiles and surplus fabrics from the apparel industry, which means we don’t waste water or use toxic chemicals growing cotton, producing yarn, or dyeing fabric. It also means all the material we use in our Recycled & Respun and Rescued & Revived collections is nearly 100% sustainable.

We construct every garment to be timeless and durable, so we don’t waste resources on quarterly production cycles, and you don't waste money replacing prematurely worn-out clothes. We make everything in North America (Canada, California, and North Carolina to be exact), so we can reduce our carbon footprint and ensure ethical work conditions. We ship directly to you with minimal, recycled packaging, so we're able to eliminate unnecessary overhead and clutter in your recycle bin.

Everything about how a clothing company does business has been rethought. Our simple guiding principle is to always do the right thing, and it's our stubborn belief that the rest of the apparel industry should follow our lead.


Dress For The World You Want

At Blue & Yellow, we believe in fashion with a conscience. The fact that you're here means we're on the same page – literally and figuratively, Because when it comes to doing what's best for the planet and each other, we both know every little bit counts, and there's always more to do.

Adding our honest, sustainably crafted clothing to your wardrobe is a meaningful step. We invite you to consider other ways what's in your closet can help change the world.


Ways You Can Affect Change

Buy Only What You Need

Stocking up on quality basics that always feel comfortable and look great will help reduce your urge to buy trendy pieces destined to fall out of fashion.

Buy Clothes Made To Last

Fast fashion is not only fleeting, it's bound to fall apart. Invest in durable clothing that's built to stand up to years of washes without looking worse for wear.

Wash With Care

In addition to using water and energy, every load of laundry releases synthetic microfibers into the ocean. So bundle into larger loads, use environmentally friendly detergents, and wash with cold water and hang dry whenever possible.

Pay It Forward

Take regular inventory of your wardrobe. Any damaged or threadbare items should be taken to the nearest textile recycling center and kept out of a landfill. Anything you haven't worn in over a year should be donated or resold so it can enjoy a second life with someone else.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird! It's a plane!
It's...not us.


In every way we are dedicated to sustainability and as neutral a carbon footprint as we can leave behind. This included our Shipping Policy of only offering ground shipping.

We believe that the best things come to those that wait just a little while longer. To clear skies and a clear conscience.

Let's Continue To Make Green Together

Tell us how you strive to make a difference in your daily life, and how we can better empower you as a conscientious consumer.

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